• Julie Augsburger

Treasure Trove in your Backyard

Another fun story attached itself to one of our treasures this past weekend. One of our monthly "regulars" made a stop into the store, just browsing, and looking for nothing in particular. They came down from our fully discounted second level with a "book" about Colorado, which is really a box, made to look like something you can read. I am sorry that I hadn't put that aside for myself, since I have a guest room decorated for my husband's children who come to visit from Denver. But it will be put to a much better use, as the couple proceeded to share that they write each other letters every year on their anniversary (which happened to be that day), and this "book" box will be perfect to store them. And in yet another twist, they had some wonderful memories of how they got back together after several years on their own paths, with a wedding in Colorado!

Janice and I cherish these stories. We also love knowing who

our treasures go home with. We have sourced many of these items because we love them ourselves and would add them to our home (if we had room!) We get excited when our customers find them equally special.

Our love of shopping allows you to have a building full of items to choose from; right in your backyard. Especially you Princeton Heights, Holly Hills, South Hampton and the Mack neighborhoods. We travel to all parts of the state, finding extremely low priced beautiful home decor and furniture, repurposed to add life in your home at amazingly low prices! Come by and see us soon. Yes, we are only open one weekend a month, so plan your decorating around that schedule. You will always find something new to love!



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