• Julie Augsburger

"You sold that? I wanted it!"

I gotta admit...that was a rough winter. I come from a retail background, and knowing that the last quarter of the year sales make up for the first three is spot on! Thankfully, our sweet little store was able to keep the lights on these first 5 months, and we are gearing up for a fun Fall and Holiday Season with you! We love our regular customers, and can't wait to meet all the new ones yet to find us - but we need your assistance!

Businesses are not allowed to promote their stores on the Next Door App, but our patrons can! So we would love - if you live in the neighborhood, and love shopping in our store, to give our Princeton Heights Marketplace a shout out! Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews are much appreciated as well. It takes a little time out of your day, but for a small business it is worth a fortune to us! The last time someone gave our shop a recommendation, our front door didn't stop swinging, and we want it to swing!!

Janice and I are busy out there looking for incredibly priced, relovable merchandise, and we want to pass the savings on to you - so we can be your favorite, reasonably priced Home Decor store! And guess what? We have no tariffs on goods overseas to pass on to you either! So join the repurposed club and find that piece that will make your house complete! Don't rely on Facebook Marketplace to spin up that perfect piece, come in and see our selection before you buy! They are all one of a kind treasures!

Our June Open Weekend is May 30th (5 to 8PM), May 31st (5 to 8PM), June 1st (9AM to 4PM) and June 2nd (11AM to 4PM). We have filled our upstairs level with all the items that have worn out their welcome on our main floor, and we are discounting them 40% (including furniture)! Our main floor will have a new assortment of home decor, St. Louis made items, as well as some giftables just for Dad.

Remember, the saddest phrase we hear is "You sold that? I wanted it!"; so make sure you get in here Thursday if you want the best selection; Friday is date night - so show him what great deals you get here; Saturday is always a good day for shopping and Sunday, June 2nd we will be benefitting our home parish, St. Paul - Fenton's St. Vincent de Paul fund with a % of sales donation of cash, and canned goods. Pick your date and time to come back and see us, most importantly, just GET DOWN HERE! We can't wait to hang out with you!



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