• Julie Augsburger

Pickers gotta pick!

What a fun month it has been so far! Janice and I have had several great opportunities to pick unique items for our store. We were able to get a preview of an estate sale, where we both walked out with hands full of terrific finds! Then we received a phone call from a close friend that was moving, and she said "can you use any of this for Princeton Heights Marketplace?" Janice got over there quickly to find some amazing home décor items that may be just right for you!

This weekend, we decided to invest in a half day trip down to Calidonia, Missouri, population 130, to see if their "city-wide" sidewalk sale would have some treasures to behold. Well Calidonia ended up being a wash, due to rain and lack of vendor participation, so we increased our picking scope to Potosi. On the way, we thought we found a really cool store to check out, but it ended up being a ghost town of sorts.

A little bit spooked, we jumped back in the car and moved on down the road. Once in Potosi, we found a line of wonderful stores and boutiques to pick from to our heart's content! The deals were amazing, and the items we found were truly unique and fun!

The car was packed full, and we were exhausted, but we could have probably spent the rest of the day finding tons more. We are having a blast, thinking up amazing displays for the shop, so you can also have fun "picking" through them and finding that unique, wonderful item to complete your home décor!



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